The Grid writes about Wabash

The Grid weekly newspaper has published an excellent article on the history and potential for the old linseed oil factory on the Wabash site, the focus of efforts to create the new community centre.

The article is part of the paper’s Derelict Delights weekly series, where it looks at abandoned buildings begging for revitalization.

Writer Shelley White interviewed Gary Miedema, chief historian for Heritage Toronto: “The former Canada Linseed Oil Mills building has tremendous potential, says Miedema. For one thing, it’s located in the heart of a bustling, growing neighbourhood in need of community facilities. As well, the hundred-year-old property tells a story about Toronto’s industrial and manufacturing heritage.”

Miedema points out that though the building is solid concrete, it is deteriorating with time. The brilliant 2009 Green Feasibility Study by Oleson Worland_Taylor Smyth Architects in joint venture outlined a revitalization plan that is the ultimate goal of the Wabash Building Society.

Thanks to Gary Miedema, Shelley White and The Grid!


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