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Town Square Phase 1 construction ramps up


Heavy equipment grading the exposed ground at the town square site
Grading for the new Town Square. View looking south to Wabash Avenue
The Town Square site used to be the location of flaxseed elevators that feed stock to the mill (in the background). The flaxseed came by rail up a spur along Wabash Avenue

With the sort-of better weather, construction on the new Sorauren Park Town Square has swung into high gear. Heavy equipment is grading the site in preparation for landscaping this spring.

Phase 1 of the Town Square is scheduled to open this summer… stay tuned for opening event news. Construction has started thanks to generous donors from the community, grants from Live Green Toronto and TD Friends of the Environment, support from Councillor Gord Perks, and financial and project management from Toronto Parks, Forestry and Recreation.

The Town Square is located on Wabash Avenue between the Sorauren Fieldhouse and the old linseed mill building (and future community centre). Phase 1 includes:

  • grading the site
  • installation of mostly permeable pavers for the square
  • shade and ornamental tree plantings… approximately 50 new trees
  • roughed-in electrical service for events and lighting in the Square
  • a new sidewalk on the north side of Wabash Avenue
  • additional bike locking rings

Once this phase is completed, the site will become part of the park.

But, with your support, there’s more to come in Phase 2:

  • a signature trellis feature connecting the Fieldhouse to the linseed factory, serving as a gateway into the park and providing practical features such as mounting for a movie screen
  • new park benches
  • park lighting
  • garden features
  • a bake oven

Phase 2 fundraising has begun, but more is needed! You can donate any time, but watch for a formal kick-off of the Phase 2 campaign coming soon.

None of this would happen without the ongoing support and generosity of the community.  A big thank-you to everyone who has donated to the Phase 1 campaign. A special thank-you to Chander Chaddah, who made a sizable donation to mark his 25th anniversary as a real estate agent in the Roncesvalles neighbourhood. Everyone who donated $100 or more is listed on the virtual donor wall (eventually to become a permanent donor wall). Your donations make a difference!

Sorauren Town Square construction signs
Town Square coming soon… new construction signs erected by City

Phase 1 Town Square construction ready to start


Thanks to extraordinary community generosity, a Live Green Toronto grant, and support from Councillor Gord Perks, Phase 1 of the Sorauren Park Town Square is set to become a reality later this year.

The Phase 1 community fundraising campaign far exceeded its initial goal of $40,000, raising to date almost $62,000 and counting. Councillor Perks was able to secure additional funding in order to meet the conditions of a $125,000 matching grant from Live Green Toronto, providing $250,000 in funding that helps start the project managed by Parks, Forestry and Recreation. Phase 1 construction can begin later this summer.

How far Phase 1 goes is still being determined by the design and construction teams. The Planning Partnership has been hired by the City to prepare final design concepts and drawings. The full build-out of the Square will require a second phase of fundraising.

Town Square concept with Market
Town Square concept with Market

May 22 meeting to discuss Metrolinx construction at Wabash site


Councillor Gord Perks is holding a meeting to discuss the Metrolinx proposal to use the area behind 40 Wabash Avenue as a staging area for track work. 40 Wabash Avenue is the address of the abandoned linseed oil factory, the future community centre, and the land is owned by Parks, Forestry and Recreation. The access point is at the intersection of Wabash and Macdonell.

Metrolinx says it needs the space for approximately 20 months, starting this June, and predicts up to 30 dump trucks a day on neighbourhood streets during peak times. For more information, visit the Roncesvalles-Macdonell Residents’ Association website.

Meeting details:

Wednesday May 22nd, 2013 7:00 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.
Fern Avenue Public School – 128 Fern Avenue

Councillor Perks, Metrolinx and Parks Forestry and Recreation staff will be reviewing details of the proposed staging area.

Make your gift go further… all donations doubled before May 1


Double the value of your donation to the Sorauren Park Town Square campaign by giving before May 1! Thanks to a matching grant, Live Green Toronto will match all donations to the Sorauren Park Town Square project before a May 1 deadline.

The new Town Square will bring the derelict space between the Sorauren Fieldhouse and the old linseed oil factory back to life. It will provide more space for an expanded Farmers’ Market, community gardens and trees, benches and picnic tables, and space for performances, concerts and festivals. It will also feature a bake oven and community sinks.

Donations of $100 or more will be recognized immediately on the virtual donor wall and eventually on a permanent donor wall to be erected in the Square. Donations also receive a charitable tax receipt from our fundraising partner, the Toronto Parks and Trees Foundation.

Help complete Sorauren Park and leave a lasting legacy for generations to come!


See Planning Partnership designs for Town Square April 17


Get a peak at the revised plans for the Sorauren Town Square this April 17 at a public consultation hosted by the City of Toronto, Wabash Building Society, The Planning Partnership and Councillor Gord Perks.

Sorauren Park Town Square Public Consultation
Wednesday, April 17, 7 – 8:30 p.m.
Parkdale Community Centre small gym (shared with Parkdale Public School)
75 Lansdowne Avenue

Have your say on the final plans before Phase 1 construction begins later this year.

The City has contracted distinguished design firm The Planning Partnership (partners in the Evergreen Brick Works, the new Don Lands Public Realm plan, among other projects) to prepare the final design for the Sorauren Park Town Square.